Doubleheader - Game 2
35-31, 16-14 away
23-45, 11-25 home

Scoring Summary

2ndBell homered to center (426 feet).01
3rdVierling homered to left (432 feet).11
3rdMuñoz scored on error, Schwarber safe at first on throwing error by shortstop García, Schwarber safe at second on error.21
3rdCastellanos grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Schwarber scored, Hoskins out at second.31
4thBell homered to right center (411 feet), Cruz scored.33
6thFranco hit sacrifice fly to left, Cruz scored.34
6thGarcía doubled to deep right, Bell scored.35
8thHarper doubled to deep right center, Realmuto scored and Schwarber scored.55
9thVierling homered to center (397 feet).65
9thC. Hernández scored on error, Cruz safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Gregorius, Cruz safe at second on error, Soto safe at third on error.66
10thRealmuto singled to left center, Schwarber scored and Hoskins scored.86
10thAdrianza doubled to right, Ruiz scored.87