Scoring Summary


3rdMartinez grounded into fielder's choice to third, Duran scored on throwing error by second baseman Giménez, Devers out at second.10
4thVázquez doubled to deep right, Cordero scored.20
4thMartinez grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Vázquez scored, Devers out at second, Duran to third.30
6thStory singled to center, Bogaerts scored and Martinez scored, Verdugo to third.50
6thGonzalez grounded out to third, Rosario scored.51
7thDevers singled to center, Vázquez scored.61
7thMiller singled to shallow right, Clement scored.62
8thGiménez singled to right, Ramírez scored.63
9thMartinez doubled to center, Bradley Jr. scored, Devers to third.73
9thDevers scored on Tully wild pitch, Bogaerts to second on wild pitch by Tully, Martinez to third on wild pitch by Tully.83