Scoring Summary

1stHernández doubled to deep left, Bichette scored, Guerrero Jr. to third.01
1stChapman doubled to left center, Guerrero Jr. scored and Hernández scored.03
2ndStory homered to left (375 feet).13
3rdEspinal singled to right center, Gurriel Jr. scored.14
5thRefsnyder grounded out to second, Vázquez scored, Cordero to third.24
7thRefsnyder homered to center (425 feet), Arroyo scored.44
8thVázquez singled to left center, Bogaerts scored, Verdugo to second.54
9thBichette singled to right, Zimmer scored, Springer to second.55
9thGuerrero Jr. singled to shallow left, Springer scored, Bichette to second.56