Scoring Summary


3rdVelazquez homered to left center (393 feet).01
3rdTrout homered to left (378 feet).02
3rdOhtani homered to center (420 feet).03
5thZavala doubled to left, García scored.13
5thHarrison homered to center (414 feet), Zavala scored.33
5thRobert homered to center (448 feet), Anderson scored.53
7thAbreu doubled to deep right center, Robert scored and Vaughn scored.73
7thMoncada doubled to deep right, Abreu scored, Pollock to third.83
7thZavala singled to left, Pollock scored, Moncada to third.93
7thHarrison singled to right center, Moncada scored, Zavala to second.103
7thOhtani doubled to deep left, Ward scored.104
8thMoncada grounded out to second, Abreu scored.114
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