Scoring Summary


1stRamírez singled to right center, Kwan scored, Rosario to third.10
1stReyes doubled to deep left, Rosario scored, Ramírez to third.20
2ndKwan hit a ground rule double to deep right, Maile scored and Straw scored.40
2ndRamírez homered to right center (415 feet), Kwan scored.60
4thGiménez singled to shallow left, Ramírez scored and Rosario scored, Naylor to third.80
4thJones homered to right center (457 feet), Naylor scored and Giménez scored.110
7thLopez grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Pasquantino scored, Taylor out at second, Olivares to third.111
9thRosario homered to left (416 feet).121
9thMaile walked, Miller scored, Jones to second, Giménez to third.131