Scoring Summary


3rdIndia homered to left (349 feet), Reynolds scored.02
3rdNaquin grounded into fielder's choice to first, Pham scored on throwing error by catcher Pinto, Naquin second.03
3rdStephenson homered to center (425 feet), Naquin scored.05
3rdMoustakas homered to right (390 feet), Solano scored.07
4thArozarena homered to center (408 feet).17
4thDíaz singled to right, J. Lowe scored and Paredes scored, Phillips to third.37
4thNaquin doubled to deep right center, Drury scored and Pham scored.39
4thSolano singled to left, Naquin scored, Solano to second.310
8thJ. Lowe homered to right center (418 feet).410
8thPinto homered to right (358 feet).510