Scoring Summary


1stA. Díaz homered to center (408 feet), Altuve scored.20
1stWalsh grounded out to first, Stefanic scored, Ward to second, Ohtani to third.21
3rdBregman singled to left, A. Díaz scored, Tucker to third.31
6thAltuve singled to center, Matijevic scored on error and Meyers scored on fielding error by center fielder Harrison, Altuve to second.51
7thMarsh hit by pitch, Rengifo scored, Villar to second, Stassi to third.52
7thMackinnon singled to left, Stassi scored and Villar scored, Mackinnon to second, Marsh to third.54
7thMarsh scored, Mackinnon to third on passed ball by Maldonado.55
9thTucker doubled to right, Altuve scored, Siri to third.65
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