Scoring Summary


1stSemien homered to center (416 feet), Smith scored.02
2ndKemp singled to right, Andrus scored.12
4thTaveras doubled to deep right, García scored.13
5thLaureano grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Kemp scored, Machín out at second, Allen to third.23
5thMurphy grounded into fielder's choice to catcher, Allen scored and Laureano scored on throwing error by pitcher Otto.43
8thVogt grounded out to second, Murphy scored, Brown to second.53
9thSeager homered to right center (408 feet).54
9thCalhoun singled to right, Taveras scored, Calhoun to second.55
10thMurphy singled to right center, Machín scored, Murphy to second.65
10thSemien doubled to left, Huff scored.66
12thMachín hit sacrifice fly to left, Pinder scored, Allen to second.76
12thLaureano singled to center, Allen scored on error, Laureano safe at second on throwing error by center fielder Taveras.86
12thGarcia doubled to third, Laureano scored, Murphy to third.96
12thAndrus walked, Murphy scored, Vogt to second, Garcia to third.106
12thPinder homered to left (410 feet), Garcia scored, Vogt scored and Andrus scored.146
12thSmith singled to right center, Duggar scored.147
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