Scoring Summary


1stNaylor singled to center, Kwan scored, Ramírez to third.10
1stMiller hit sacrifice fly to center, Ramírez scored.20
1stGiménez homered to right (375 feet), Naylor scored.40
2ndRosario singled to center, Maile scored on error, Rosario safe at second on fielding error by center fielder Engel, Straw safe at third on error.50
2ndRamírez grounded out to second, Straw scored, Rosario to third.60
3rdAbreu doubled to left, Anderson scored, Moncada to third.61
3rdGrandal grounded out to shortstop, Moncada scored, Abreu to third.62
6thNaylor doubled to center, Rosario scored and Kwan scored.82