Scoring Summary


1stRodgers singled to right center, Iglesias scored, Cron to second.10
4thRenfroe homered to center (424 feet), McCutchen scored and Wong scored.13
6thWong singled to right center, Adames scored, Tellez to second.14
6thCaratini doubled to deep right, Tellez scored and Wong scored, Renfroe to third.16
6thUrías walked, Renfroe scored on Chacín wild pitch, Caratini to third on wild pitch by Chacín.17
6thYelich reached on infield single to second, Caratini scored, Urías to third.18
8thTaylor singled to left, Brosseau scored.19
9thCron homered to center (430 feet).29
9thDaza homered to left (394 feet), Rodgers scored.49