54-43, 29-22 away
59-37, 29-17 home

Scoring Summary

6thHosmer doubled to left, Mazara scored.10
6thAlonso homered to center (425 feet), Marte scored and Lindor scored.13
6thGuillorme singled to shallow left, Vogelbach scored.14
6thNido doubled to deep right, Guillorme scored.15
7thAlonso doubled to deep center, Marte scored, Lindor to third.16
7thCanha reached on infield single to third, Lindor scored and Alonso scored. Canha to second on throwing error by third baseman Machado.18
8thNola singled to right, Voit scored, Hosmer to second.28
9thMachado doubled to deep right, Profar scored, Cronenworth to third.38
9thAlfaro singled to left, Cronenworth scored, Machado to third.48
9thHosmer grounded out to second, Machado scored, Alfaro to second.58