Scoring Summary


2ndJones grounded into fielder's choice to first, Reyes scored, Jones second, Miller safe at third on throwing error by first baseman Cordero.10
2ndHedges grounded out to third, Miller scored.20
2ndStraw doubled to deep center, Jones scored.30
2ndDalbec homered to left (417 feet), Cordero scored.32
4thKwan doubled to right, Jones scored, Hedges to third.42
4thRosario singled to left, Hedges scored, Kwan to third.52
4thCordero doubled to left, Vázquez scored on fielding error by left fielder Kwan, Cordero safe at third on throwing error by shortstop Rosario.53
4thDalbec hit sacrifice fly to right, Cordero scored.54
6thDalbec homered to center (397 feet), Cordero scored.56
8thStraw doubled to deep right center, Jones scored.66
9thNaylor homered to left (380 feet).76
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