Scoring Summary


4thKim singled to left, Drury scored.10
5thMachado doubled to center, Profar scored and Soto scored.30
5thCronenworth grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Machado scored, Drury safe at second on fielding error by shortstop García.40
5thGrisham homered to right center (442 feet), Drury scored and Cronenworth scored.70
5thSoto singled to left, Nola scored, Profar to second.80
5thCruz grounded out to shortstop, Vargas scored, García to second.81
6thVargas singled to right, Meneses scored, Ruiz to third.82
8thDrury homered to left (360 feet), Machado scored.102
9thFranco homered to left center (386 feet).103
9thRuiz singled to center, Voit scored, Meneses to second, Palacios to third.104
9thHernández grounded into fielder's choice to second, Palacios scored, Ruiz out at second, Meneses to third.105
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