Scoring Summary


2ndContreras homered to center (445 feet).01
2ndRosario homered to right (372 feet).02
2ndAcuña Jr. doubled to left center, Harris II scored.03
4thAcuña Jr. doubled to center, Grissom scored.04
4thSwanson singled to center, Acuña Jr. scored.05
5thEscobar grounded out to second, McNeil scored.15
6thHarris II singled to center, d'Arnaud scored, Grissom to second.16
6thAcuña Jr. doubled to deep right, Grissom scored, Harris II to third.17
6thSwanson singled to center, Harris II scored and Acuña Jr. scored.19
6thOlson singled to center, Swanson scored, Riley to second.110
6thd'Arnaud homered to left (409 feet), Riley scored and Olson scored.113
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