Scoring Summary

1stWalker hit sacrifice fly to center, Rivera scored, Rojas to second.01
1stC. Kelly singled to right, Rojas scored, McCarthy to third.02
2ndPujols homered to left center (429 feet).12
3rdGoldschmidt singled to right, Nootbaar scored, O'Neill to second.22
3rdC. Kelly singled to center, Rojas scored and Walker scored.24
4thPujols homered to left center (437 feet).34
4thNootbaar singled to right, Knizner scored.44
6thNootbaar tripled to right, Nootbaar scored on fielding error by right fielder Varsho, Edman scored and Knizner scored.74
7thArenado hit sacrifice fly to right, O'Neill scored.84
8thMcCarthy homered to right (384 feet).85
8thC. Kelly scored on Hicks wild pitch, Alcántara to third on wild pitch by Hicks.86
8thThomas reached on infield single to first, Alcántara scored.87
9thGorman singled to center, Goldschmidt scored, Arenado to third.97
9thDeJong homered to left (397 feet), Arenado scored, Gorman scored and Edman scored.137
9thGoldschmidt homered to right (383 feet), Knizner scored and Nootbaar scored.167