73-58, 34-28 away
61-68, 34-33 home

Scoring Summary

1stBohm reached on infield single to shortstop, Schwarber scored, Hoskins safe at third on throwing error by shortstop Perdomo.10
3rdHarper singled to center, Hoskins scored, Bohm to third.20
3rdSegura singled to right, Bohm scored and Harper scored, Realmuto to second.40
3rdVierling singled to left center, Realmuto scored, Segura to second.50
4thMcCarthy homered to right (383 feet).51
5thSegura singled to center, Harper scored, Segura to second, Realmuto to third.61
5thMarsh tripled to deep center, Realmuto scored and Segura scored.81
5thMarsh scored on Moronta wild pitch.91
6thRealmuto hit a ground rule double to deep center, Bohm scored, Harper to third.101
7thSchwarber singled to left, Sosa scored.111
8thVierling singled to center, Realmuto scored, Maton to second.121
8thMarsh singled to left center, Maton scored, Vierling to second.131
8thSosa doubled to right, Vierling scored, Marsh to third.141
8thMarsh scored on Frias wild pitch, Sosa to third on wild pitch by Frias.151
8thHoskins hit a ground rule double to deep right, Sosa scored.161
8thStubbs doubled to left, Hoskins scored and Bohm scored, Harper to third.181
9thGarrett grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Rivera scored, Walker out at second.182