57-87, 28-44 away
85-60, 49-26 home

Scoring Summary

3rdIndia grounded into fielder's choice to third, Senzel scored, Friedl to second, Steer to third.10
3rdDonovan reached on infield single to second, O'Neill scored on throwing error by second baseman India.11
5thFraley doubled to left, Romine scored and Friedl scored, K. Farmer to third.31
5thAquino singled to left, Fraley scored, Solano to second.41
6thArenado singled to right center, Goldschmidt scored.42
6thPujols homered to left (427 feet), Arenado scored (698th career HR).44
7thK. Farmer homered to center (410 feet).54
7thGoldschmidt doubled to left, Donovan scored.55
7thArenado doubled to left, Goldschmidt scored.56