Scoring Summary


1stRodríguez homered to left (375 feet).10
1stWard singled to left, Rengifo scored and Ohtani scored, Ward to second.12
3rdRengifo homered to left (383 feet).13
3rdDuffy singled to right center, Ward scored.14
4thSantana homered to right (391 feet), Suárez scored.34
5thTrout homered to center (409 feet).35
6thHaggerty singled to right, Winker scored on error, Haggerty to second, Crawford safe at third on error.45
6thRengifo homered to right center (429 feet), Thaiss scored and Fletcher scored.48
7thFrance homered to left (402 feet), Rodríguez scored.68
9thSantana homered to right (382 feet).78