Scoring Summary

1stPasquantino doubled to deep right, Melendez scored.10
1stBogaerts doubled to center, Pham scored, Devers to third.11
2ndWaters doubled to right center, Eaton scored.21
2ndPham hit sacrifice fly to center, Hernández scored, Chang to third.22
3rdRefsnyder hit sacrifice fly to right, Bogaerts scored, Martinez to third.23
3rdArroyo hit sacrifice fly to center, Martinez scored.24
3rdMcGuire singled to center, Hernández scored, Chang to third.25
5thPerez homered to left (390 feet).35
5thDevers singled to right, Arroyo scored and McGuire scored, Pham to third.37
6thHernández singled to shallow center, Martinez scored.38
6thChang doubled to deep center, Hernández scored.39
6thMcGuire doubled to deep right, Chang scored.310
6thPham singled to center, McGuire scored.311
8thPham hit a ground rule double to deep center, Hernández scored.312
8thDevers singled to left, Pham scored.313