Scoring Summary


3rdMelendez singled to right, Eaton scored.10
3rdPerez singled to left center, Melendez scored.20
5thWitt Jr. singled to shallow left, Melendez scored.30
5thPasquantino singled to right, Witt Jr. scored on fielding error by right fielder Verdugo, Pasquantino to second.40
6thEaton singled to center, Olivares scored, Dozier to second, Massey to third.50
6thMelendez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Massey scored, Eaton out at second, Dozier to third.60
6thWitt Jr. singled to right, Dozier scored, Melendez to second.70
6thPasquantino singled to right, Melendez scored, Witt Jr. to third.80
8thPasquantino singled to right, Melendez scored.90
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