Scoring Summary


1stOhtani singled to center, Trout scored on throwing error by center fielder Celestino, Ohtani to second.10
1stThaiss singled to left, Ohtani scored.20
1stUrshela singled to center, Correa scored.21
3rdTrout homered to left (416 feet).31
3rdGordon singled to left, Miranda scored, Sánchez to second.32
4thRengifo singled to left, Soto scored and Stefanic scored.52
8thC. Hamilton homered to left center (387 feet).53
9thOhtani singled to left, Trout scored.63
9thStassi doubled to center, Ohtani scored and Thaiss scored, Moniak to third.83
9thSoto doubled to left, Moniak scored and Stassi scored.103
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