Scoring Summary

2ndNaquin singled to center, Alonso scored, Escobar to second.10
3rdEscobar singled to center, Lindor scored and Nimmo scored, McNeil to second.30
4thLindor doubled to deep left center, Canha scored and Nimmo scored.50
4thAlonso homered to left center (451 feet), Lindor scored.70
4thBrown homered to left center (393 feet).71
8thLindor reached on infield single to second, Nido scored, Canha to second, Nimmo to third.81
8thAlonso doubled to deep right, Lindor scored, Nimmo scored and Canha scored.111
8thEscobar grounded into double play, second to first, Alonso scored, McNeil out at second.121
9thGuillorme grounded out to shortstop, Naquin scored, Nido to third.131
9thCapel homered to center (418 feet), Murphy scored and Garcia scored.134