Scoring Summary


1stMountcastle tripled to deep right, Santander scored.10
2ndCasas homered to center (421 feet), Martinez scored.12
3rdRutschman homered to right (350 feet).22
3rdSantander homered to right (392 feet).32
3rdRefsnyder hit by pitch, Verdugo scored, Casas to second, Martinez to third.33
3rdWong walked, Casas scored, Hernández to second, Refsnyder to third.34
3rdPham singled to center, Hernández scored and Refsnyder scored, Pham to second, Wong to third.36
3rdBogaerts walked, Wong scored, Devers to second, Pham to third.37
3rdVerdugo hit sacrifice fly to center, Pham scored.38
4thUrías homered to center (421 feet).48
4thHays tripled to center, Odor scored.58
4thMullins singled to center, Hays scored.68
4thSantander homered to left center (393 feet), Mullins scored.88
4thWong grounded into fielder's choice to second, Casas scored, Hernández safe at second on fielding error by second baseman Odor, Refsnyder to third.89
4thPham hit by pitch, Refsnyder scored, Wong to second, Hernández to third.810
4thDevers singled to right center, Hernández scored and Wong scored, Pham to second.812
4thBogaerts grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Pham scored on throwing error by second baseman Odor, Devers safe at second on error.813
7thOdor singled to left, Mateo scored.913
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