Scoring Summary


1stMullins homered to right (402 feet).10
2ndMateo doubled to right, Odor scored, Stowers to third.20
2ndMullins tripled to deep center, Stowers scored and Mateo scored.40
2ndThrowing error by McGuire on a pickoff attempt, Mullins scored.50
2ndMartinez homered to left (420 feet).51
2ndHernández singled to left, Casas scored, Almonte to second, Refsnyder to third.52
3rdStowers tripled to center, Hays scored.62
4thHernández singled to shallow left, McGuire scored and Refsnyder scored, Hernández to second, Almonte out at third on runner's fielder's choice.64
4thDevers singled to left, Hernández scored.65
5thOdor singled to center, Mountcastle scored, Hays to second, Henderson to third.75
5thStowers singled to left center, Henderson scored, Odor to second, Hays to third.85
6thSantander homered to right (403 feet).95
6thHenderson homered to center (428 feet), Mountcastle scored.115
7thSantander homered to right (365 feet), Rutschman scored.135
7thRefsnyder homered to center (414 feet), Martinez scored and Casas scored.138
8thHays homered to left (359 feet).148
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