Scoring Summary


2ndBurdick singled to left, Leblanc scored and Sánchez scored, Groshans to second.02
2ndBleday singled to right, Groshans scored, Berti to second, Burdick to third.03
3rdHeredia doubled to deep left, Grossman scored.13
3rdGrissom hit sacrifice fly to left, Heredia scored.23
4thRosario singled to center, Contreras scored.33
5thDe La Cruz scored on Matzek wild pitch, Fortes to second on wild pitch by Matzek.34
5thSánchez singled to right, Fortes scored.35
6thOzuna homered to left (385 feet), Olson scored and Contreras scored.65
6thBerti tripled to right, Groshans scored and Burdick scored.67
6thBleday tripled to right, Berti scored.68
6thFortes homered to center (408 feet), Bleday scored.610
7thOlson homered to right center (402 feet), Grissom scored.810
7thBurdick homered to left (411 feet), Leblanc scored.812
9thHeredia singled to left, Contreras scored, Grossman to second, Ozuna to third.912
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