Scoring Summary


1stPerez singled to right, Melendez scored, Witt Jr. to third.01
1stMassey singled to deep right, Witt Jr. scored, Pasquantino to second, Perez to third.02
1stTaylor walked, Perez scored, Massey to second, Pasquantino to third.03
1stO'Hearn singled to right, Pasquantino scored, Taylor to second, Massey to third.04
4thVaughn singled to left center, Jiménez scored, Abreu to second.14
4thAndrus singled to center, Abreu scored and Moncada scored.34
7thAndrus doubled to left, Abreu scored, Moncada to third.44
8thWaters walked, Taylor scored, Lopez to second, O'Hearn to third.45
8thMelendez hit sacrifice fly to center, O'Hearn scored.46
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