Doubleheader - Game 2 - Makeup from May 3
16-9, 10-5 away
11-13, 4-4 home

Scoring Summary

1stHosmer doubled to deep right center, Machado scored and Grisham scored.20
1stKim singled to center, Hosmer scored.30
3rdRamírez walked, Giménez scored, Rosario to second, Straw to third.31
7thClement doubled to deep left, Hedges scored.32
8thProfar doubled to shallow left, Machado scored.42
8thAbrams walked, Profar scored, Kim to second, Hosmer to third.52
8thGiménez singled to left, Miller scored, Reyes to third.53
8thHedges singled to right, Reyes scored, Giménez to third.54
8thNaylor singled to center, Giménez scored, Hedges to third.55
10thKwan singled to right, Miller scored, Reyes to second.56