Scoring Summary


4thGrandal singled to right center, Vaughn scored, Abreu to second.01
5thKwan doubled to left, Jones scored, Straw to third.11
5thRosario singled to right, Straw scored and Kwan scored, Rosario to second on the throw, Rosario safe at third on throwing error by right fielder Sheets.31
5thRamírez hit sacrifice fly to right, Rosario scored.41
7thHarrison doubled to right, García scored.42
7thMoncada doubled to deep left center, Harrison scored.43
7thVaughn singled to center, Moncada scored.44
9thNaylor singled to center, Jones scored.54
9thKwan singled to left center, Call scored.64
9thRamírez hit sacrifice fly to right, Kwan scored.74