Scoring Summary


1stCron homered to left (402 feet), Daza scored and Blackmon scored.30
1stCruz singled to left center, C. Hernández scored and Soto scored.32
1stRobles singled to left, Bell scored and Cruz scored, Adams to second.34
1stEscobar singled to left center, Adams scored, Robles to third.35
2ndIglesias doubled to deep center, Grichuk scored.45
2ndFranco doubled to deep left, Thomas scored and Cruz scored, Bell to third.47
2ndRobles singled to left, Bell scored, Franco to third.48
4thDíaz hit sacrifice fly to right, Rodgers scored.58
4thJoe singled to center, Grichuk scored.68
4thBlackmon singled to right, Joe scored, Daza to third.78
4thRobles homered to left (377 feet), Bell scored and Adams scored.711
8thAdams homered to left (368 feet), Franco scored.713
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