Scoring Summary


1stBlackmon homered to right (381 feet).10
1stSoto homered to left center (399 feet), Thomas scored.12
2ndEscobar scored on error by second baseman Rodgers, Robles stole second.13
2ndHernández singled to left, Robles scored.14
6thThomas homered to left (419 feet), Hernández scored.16
7thDíaz singled to center, Rodgers scored, Hilliard to third.26
7thBlackmon grounded into fielder's choice to first, Hilliard scored, Díaz out at second.36
8thRodgers singled to right, McMahon scored, Iglesias to second.46
8thHilliard singled to center, Iglesias scored, Rodgers to third.56
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