Scoring Summary


1stRutschman homered to right (402 feet).10
1stDevers grounded out to first, Verdugo scored.11
4thUrías homered to left center (387 feet), Henderson scored.31
4thFrazier scored on Kelly wild pitch, Mullins to second on wild pitch by Kelly, Mateo to third on wild pitch by Kelly.41
4thMountcastle walked, Mateo scored, Rutschman to second, Mullins to third.51
4thDuvall singled to left, Devers scored, Yoshida to second.52
5thMateo singled to right, Frazier scored.62
5thRutschman singled to left, Mateo scored and Mullins scored.82
6thYoshida reached on infield single to second, Devers scored, Turner to third.83
6thCasas grounded out to first, Turner scored, Yoshida to second.84
7thMullins singled to right, Frazier scored.94
7thRutschman singled to left, Mullins scored, Rutschman thrown out at second.104
8thCasas hit sacrifice fly to center, Turner scored.105
8thArroyo doubled to left, Duvall scored and Yoshida scored.107
9thTurner reached on infield single to third, Tapia scored.108
9thYoshida grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Verdugo scored on fielding error by shortstop Mateo, Refsnyder safe at second on error, Yoshida to second.109