Scoring Summary


1stSpringer homered to left center (440 feet).01
2ndBichette hit a ground rule double, Kiermaier scored, Springer to third.02
4thRaley singled to center, B. Lowe scored.12
5thKirk walked, Bichette scored, Varsho to second, Guerrero Jr. to third.13
5thEspinal walked, Guerrero Jr. scored, Kirk to second, Varsho to third.14
5thJansen grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Kirk scored on error and Varsho scored, Espinal safe at second on error by second baseman B. Lowe, Espinal safe at third on error.16
7thJ. Lowe homered to center (409 feet).26
7thBethancourt homered to left center (402 feet).36
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