Scoring Summary


1stMurphy doubled to right, Riley scored.10
1stPerez doubled to center, Witt Jr. scored.11
3rdMurphy doubled to center, Acuña Jr. scored, Riley to third.21
3rdAlbies singled to center, Riley scored and Murphy scored.41
5thMurphy homered to left center (394 feet).51
5thIsbel doubled to left, Witt Jr. scored, Melendez to third.52
6thBradley Jr. doubled to right, Dozier scored.53
8thOlson walked, Pillar scored, Acuña Jr. to second, White to third.63
8thMurphy walked, White scored, Olson to second, Acuña Jr. to third.73
8thAlbies singled to right, Acuña Jr. scored and Olson scored, Murphy to third.93
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