Scoring Summary


4thHapp doubled to center, Swanson scored.10
4thPérez doubled to right, Langeliers scored.11
5thBarnhart hit sacrifice fly to center, Hosmer scored.21
5thJ. Diaz singled to right, Wade scored on fielding error by right fielder Wisdom, J. Diaz to second.22
6thBellinger grounded into fielder's choice to first, Swanson scored, Happ third.32
6thWisdom tripled to right, Happ scored and Bellinger scored.52
6thWisdom scored on Moll wild pitch.62
8thHosmer homered to left center (398 feet).72
9thTorrens doubled to center, Bellinger scored on throwing error by center fielder Ruiz, Swanson scored and Happ scored.102
9thMadrigal singled to center, Torrens scored and Hosmer scored, Madrigal to second.122
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