Scoring Summary


1stRuiz to home on throwing error by pitcher Keller, Noda to second on error.10
3rdRooker homered to left (423 feet), Noda scored.30
3rdLaureano homered to center (440 feet).40
4thRooker doubled to left, Noda scored.50
4thPratto homered to center (422 feet), Perez scored.52
5thKemp doubled to right, Bleday scored.62
5thAllen singled to center, Kemp scored.72
5thNoda doubled to right, Allen scored and Ruiz scored.92
5thPasquantino hit sacrifice fly to right, Garcia scored, Melendez to third.93
6thBradley Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to second, Pratto scored, Dozier out at second, Duffy to third.94
6thGarcia hit sacrifice fly to center, Duffy scored.95
7thDuffy hit sacrifice fly to right, Olivares scored.96
7thDozier tripled to left, Pasquantino scored and Pratto scored.98
8thLangeliers hit sacrifice fly to right, Noda scored, Rooker to third.108
8thKemp walked, Rooker scored on Taylor wild pitch, J. Diaz to second.118
9thNoda grounded into fielder's choice to first, Ruiz scored on error, Noda safe at second on throwing error by first baseman Pratto.128
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