Scoring Summary


2ndWalls singled to left, Arozarena scored, Paredes to second.10
5thDíaz homered to left center (425 feet), Margot scored, Siri scored and Mejía scored.50
5thArozarena reached on infield single to third, Franco scored.60
5thHigashioka homered to left (379 feet), Bauers scored.62
5thJudge homered to right center (382 feet), Torres scored.64
6thVolpe scored on Thompson wild pitch.65
6thJudge homered to left (439 feet), Torres scored.67
6thCabrera singled to right, LeMahieu scored and Rizzo scored, Bader to third.69
7thArozarena singled to center, Mejía scored and Díaz scored.89
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