Scoring Summary


2ndJulks homered to left center (401 feet).10
2ndMaldonado homered to left (411 feet).20
2ndTellez homered to center (386 feet).21
4thMeyers grounded out to third, J. Abreu scored.31
5thDubón homered to left center (409 feet).41
5thAlvarez homered to right center (425 feet).51
6thBregman singled to left, Meyers scored, Dubón to second, Maldonado to third.61
6thAlvarez homered to left center (383 feet), Maldonado scored, Dubón scored and Bregman scored.101
7thTaylor doubled to left, Turang scored.102
8thJulks doubled to right, Bregman scored and Alvarez scored, Peña to third.122
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