Scoring Summary


1stGuerrero Jr. singled to left, Springer scored, Bichette to second.10
3rdSpringer homered to left (405 feet).20
4thJansen doubled to left, Merrifield scored, Jansen to third.30
4thSpringer reached on infield single to shortstop, Jansen scored.40
5thVarsho singled to right, Chapman scored and Merrifield scored.60
5thVarsho scored on Burdi wild pitch, Jansen to third on wild pitch by Burdi.70
5thKiermaier hit sacrifice fly to right, Jansen scored.80
5thSpringer scored on Burdi wild pitch.90
5thGuerrero Jr. singled to left, Bichette scored, Guerrero Jr. out stretching at second.100
5thParedes homered to left (381 feet).101
8thChapman singled to right, Bichette scored.111
9thGuerrero Jr. homered to left (424 feet), Kiermaier scored, Lukes scored and Clement scored.151
9thChapman homered to left center (384 feet), Biggio scored.171
9thVarsho singled to right, Merrifield scored.181
9thJansen homered to left (367 feet), Varsho scored.201
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