Scoring Summary


1stHapp hit a ground rule double, Swanson scored.01
2ndSenzel singled to center, Stephenson scored.11
2ndHoerner singled to right, Gomes scored, Hoerner to second, Wisdom to third.12
2ndSwanson singled to left, Wisdom scored and Hoerner scored.14
3rdIndia singled to left, Friedl scored, India out stretching at second.24
5thMcLain singled to right, Friedl scored.34
5thIndia homered to right (361 feet), McLain scored.54
6thCasali singled to left, Steer scored, Fairchild to second.64
7thIndia homered to left center (388 feet), McLain scored.84
7thHapp hit sacrifice fly to right, Tauchman scored.85
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