Scoring Summary


3rdCooper singled to left, De La Cruz scored, Arraez to third.01
4thCarpenter doubled to right, Odor scored.11
4thDe La Cruz homered to left center (426 feet), Berti scored.13
5thSoto singled to right, Kim scored.23
6thDe La Cruz singled to right, Berti scored, Hampson to second, Stallings to third.24
7thTatis Jr. singled to left, Grisham scored, Kim to second.34
7thSoto singled to center, Kim scored, Tatis Jr. to third.44
9thBogaerts reached on infield single to pitcher, Tatis Jr. scored, Soto to third.54
9thOdor grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Soto scored on throwing error by shortstop Berti, Odor second, Bogaerts third.64
9thCarpenter doubled to right, Bogaerts scored and Odor scored.84
9thKim hit sacrifice fly to center, Dixon scored.94
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