Scoring Summary


2ndBailey singled to left, Sabol scored, Haniger to second.01
3rdMcCutchen doubled to left, Bae scored.11
3rdCastro singled to left, McCutchen scored, Joe to second. Joe safe at third, Castro safe at second on throwing error by left fielder Sabol.21
3rdHayes tripled to left, Joe scored and Castro scored.41
3rdFlores singled to center, Wade Jr. scored, Davis to third.42
4thReynolds singled to center, Bae scored and McCutchen scored.62
5thYastrzemski scored on Keller wild pitch.63
6thReynolds grounded into fielder's choice to third, Bae scored on error, McCutchen out at second, Reynolds safe at second on throwing error by second baseman Wisely.73
6thJoe doubled to left, deflected by third baseman, Reynolds scored.83
6thSchmitt hit sacrifice fly to left, Sabol scored.84
9thSuwinski reached on infield single to third, Joe scored.94
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