Scoring Summary


2ndAlbies hit sacrifice fly to right, Ozuna scored.10
5thAcuña Jr. doubled to left, Arcia scored and Harris II scored.30
6thAcuña Jr. hit into fielder's choice to right, Albies scored, Harris II out at second.40
7thIbañez homered to left center (403 feet).41
8thHarris II homered to right center (359 feet).51
8thShort singled to right, Báez scored.52
9thTorkelson homered to left center (440 feet), Schoop scored.54
9thShort singled to left, Maton scored, Short safe at second on throwing error by left fielder Rosario, Vierling safe at third.55
10thTorkelson singled to center, Ibañez scored, Rogers to second.56
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