Scoring Summary


1stTorkelson homered to left center (436 feet).01
2ndCabrera homered to left center (406 feet), Maton scored.03
2ndHaase homered to center (427 feet).04
3rdAcuña Jr. homered to center (429 feet), Harris II scored.24
4thArcia singled to left, Rosario scored, Albies to second. Arcia safe at second, Albies safe at third on fielding error by left fielder Carpenter.34
4thAlbies scored, Arcia safe at third, Pillar safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Maton.44
4thHarris II doubled to right, Arcia scored and Pillar scored.64
4thAcuña Jr. singled to right, Harris II scored.74
5thTorkelson scored, Maton to second, Báez to third on wild pitch by Strider.75
7thHarris II homered to left center (360 feet).85
8thArcia singled to left, Rosario scored, Arcia to second, Albies thrown out at third.95
8thHarris II singled to right, Arcia scored.105
8thMcKinstry singled to right, Ibañez scored, Haase to third.106
9thHaase singled to center, Ibañez scored, Cabrera to third.107
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