Scoring Summary


1stNaylor singled to center, Giménez scored and Rosario scored, Ramírez to second.20
1stFry homered to left (347 feet), Ramírez scored and Naylor scored.50
1stMachado homered to left center (408 feet), Tatis Jr. scored and Soto scored.53
2ndRamírez doubled to left, Straw scored.63
3rdDixon grounded out to first, Bogaerts scored and Kim scored.65
4thRamírez reached on infield single to shortstop, Brennan scored, Rosario to second.75
5thGrisham doubled to right, Kim scored, Cruz to third.76
8thGiménez singled to right, Fry scored, Giménez to second.86
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