Scoring Summary


3rdAmaya homered to left (390 feet).01
3rdSwanson homered to left center (421 feet).02
3rdMorel homered to left center (423 feet).03
4thHays singled to left, O'Hearn scored.13
5thMateo doubled to left, Urías scored.23
6thHapp singled to right, Tauchman scored and Mancini scored.25
6thHoerner singled to right, Happ scored, Amaya to third.26
6thMorel doubled to left, Swanson scored and Hoerner scored.28
6thSuzuki singled to left, Morel scored.29
7thHoerner reached on infield single to second, Mancini scored, Happ to third.210
8thHays singled to right, Rutschman scored, O'Hearn to third.310
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