Scoring Summary


1stRiley reached on infield single to second, Acuña Jr. scored, Albies to third.10
1std'Arnaud homered to right center (386 feet), Albies scored and Riley scored.40
1stArcia doubled to right, Rosario scored.50
2ndFraley homered to right center (387 feet), De La Cruz scored.52
3rdDe La Cruz homered to right center (368 feet), Friedl scored.54
4thVotto homered to center (428 feet).55
5thOlson homered to left (359 feet), Riley scored.75
5thDe La Cruz singled to center, McLain scored, India to third.76
5thVotto homered to right center (415 feet), India scored and De La Cruz scored.79
6thIndia singled to center, Friedl scored.710
6thDe La Cruz tripled to center, India scored.711
8thAcuña Jr. homered to left (368 feet).811
8thRiley homered to center (458 feet).911
8thOlson homered to center (424 feet).1011
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