Scoring Summary


3rdEstrada grounded into fielder's choice to second, Johnson scored, Flores out at second.10
3rdAlonso walked, Alvarez scored, Pham to second, Nimmo to third.11
3rdMcNeil reached on infield single to second, Nimmo and Pham scored on fielding error by shortstop Crawford, Alonso to second.13
4thCanha homered to left center (376 feet).14
4thPham doubled to second, Nimmo scored.15
7thSabol homered to left center (383 feet), Pederson scored.35
7thDavis doubled to right, Estrada scored.45
7thMarte singled to left, Alonso scored.46
8thAlonso homered to center (433 feet), Pham scored.48
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