Scoring Summary


1stTurner singled to left, Duran scored.01
1stVerdugo homered to right (377 feet), Turner scored.03
2ndDuran homered to left center (365 feet), Wong scored.05
3rdPiña homered to left center (372 feet).15
3rdWong hit sacrifice fly to left, Casas scored.16
4thDevers doubled to left, Yoshida scored.17
5thDuran hit a ground rule double, Arroyo scored.18
5thYoshida singled to center, Duran scored.19
6thRooker homered to left center (375 feet).29
6thArroyo doubled to left, Casas scored.210
8thBleday reached on infield single to first, Noda scored, A. Díaz to second.310
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