Scoring Summary


1stAranda doubled to left, Arozarena scored and Díaz scored.02
1stParedes homered to left (392 feet), Aranda scored.04
4thOlson grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Albies scored, Riley out at second.14
4thd'Arnaud homered to left (400 feet).24
4thBethancourt singled to left, Walls scored.25
4thDíaz homered to center (422 feet), Bethancourt scored.27
5thWalls hit a ground rule double, Arozarena scored.28
6thOlson doubled to left, Riley scored.38
7thHarris II singled to right, Rosario scored.48
8thDíaz doubled to left, Walls scored and Paredes scored.410
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