Scoring Summary


2ndGurriel Jr. homered to left center (390 feet).10
2ndCastro tripled to right, Wallner scored.11
2ndJeffers homered to center (405 feet), Castro scored.13
3rdWallner doubled to right, Kepler scored, Correa to third.14
3rdCastro hit sacrifice fly to left, Correa scored.15
3rdJeffers doubled to left, Wallner scored.16
4thTaylor homered to right (360 feet).17
4thCorrea grounded into fielder's choice to second, Julien scored, Kepler out at second.18
5thJeffers homered to left (355 feet).19
6thKepler homered to center (435 feet).110
8thLuplow singled to center, Julien scored, Solano to third.111
8thWallner singled to right, Solano scored, Luplow to second.112
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